Brand Strategy

Success comes to brands that create an association and affinity with their customers; engage and inspire; deliver a promise through their products, services and people; are desirable, successful and build and maintain confidence and trust.

To help our clients achieve this type of success we take them through a strategy process which we call our Brand Clinic. It has 5 stages – 1 Dissection of the need; 2 Definition of the opportunity;  3 Design of the brand assets; 4 Delivery of those assets and 5 Decipher success through research and measurement.

This process ensures that your brand’s journey begins or continues with a specific, measurable aim in view. To date we’ve successfully taken over a hundred clients, from FTSE 100s to SMEs, through the Brand Clinic, enabling them to make the right decisions regarding overall structure, positioning, values, personality, customer and key deliverables for their business. We’ve also helped many to identify niche markets and explore opportunities they had not seen or realised previously.


1  Dissection : Asset Clarity process including

  • Assets and resources required
  • Scope of required development
  • Future mapping
  • Gap analysis

2  Definition : Brand Clarity Process including

  • Brand values and personality
  • Brand shape
  • Brand positioning and development
  • Brand essence
  • Consumer proposition
  • Strap line creation
  • Design & Delivery brief, objectives, deliverables and responsibilities

3  Design : Creation of the new brand assets

4  Delivery : Successful implementation of the new brand assets

5  Decipher : Interpret, understand and identify the revised performance following implementation

Project Examples
ArgosShine HomecareTIMACreativedge

Brand Communications

First impressions are always crucial and invariably the first experience of any brand is graphical, whether it be logo, letterhead, brochure, e-shot, newsletter or website.

To maximise the impact of this first impression all elements of a brand need to work together. This requires more than just a clever logo, intelligent strap line or relevant colours. It should include a considered tone of voice, the consistent use of tailored imagery and of course memorable treatment across all media.

We can assist in any area of brand communication, from printed through to online solutions, ensuring that graphic treatments are not only engaging and creative but also consistent.


Brand Identity
Print & packaging
Website design & build

Brand Space

A uniquely created brand space ensures the perfect showcase for a business, blending the exciting mix of structure, colour, texture, furniture, graphics, lighting and technology. Our extensive experience spans all of these areas, with our team ensuring the smooth running of every stage of the process, from concept to 3D visualisation, planning and on-site project management to launch.

Events and exhibitions are the opportunity to truly bring a brand to life, to add a touch of theatre and a little of the unexpected. We offer a full service delivery from venue finding, concept design and build, to clear up and follow-up. We’ll be there from start to finish and then some. You can leave it all to us.




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