We honed our skills helping set up big London agencies, running large teams on multi-million pound projects.

We learnt from our experiences, setting up Yellow Yoyo in 1998 determined to keep the business to a small group of highly talented, experienced and friendly individuals, delivering great, relevant ideas as quickly as possible. Our 30 years of experience means that we understand how to make an impact and enrich customer experiences across all channels, in a world where interaction and communication is constantly changing. The constant is that as the channels develop, so must brands.

Alongside creativity, our experience covers business intelligence, customer behaviour, customer retention strategies, finance, market knowledge, multichannel experience and project management.

We’re proud of the longstanding relationships we have with those who trust us with ensuring their brands are irresistible. That trust and those relationships are the catalysts to the success stories illustrated in this website.

Here’s the low down on the main players in the Yellow Yoyo team…



Bryan Wright – Managing Director

Though I cover many other sides of business now, by trade I’m actually an interior designer.

I’m a founding director with over 35 years of international experience working with brands in all commercial sectors across all of the design disciplines offered by Yellow Yoyo.

To be honest I’ve a complete obsession with customer behaviour and the ways and means to influence that behaviour.

In the UK I’ve run retail projects for The Conran Shop, Debenhams, Dixons, Habitat, IKEA, Next, PC World, Travis Perkins, Virgin, WH Smith, Whitbread and Wickes and helped develop shopping centres such as Bluewater, Eldon Gardens, Grafton Centre, Nieuwe Passage in Holland and Princes Square.

Abroad I’ve worked with Ahold, MAB and Canon in Holland, IKEA in Sweden and The Conran Shop and TIMA in the USA. With my Yoyo team I’ve created office interiors and showrooms for TIMA, World Aluminium, Arise News, Canon UK, Canon Europe, Sharp Electronics, Accenture and ICL.

I pioneered the use of interactive media in the UK with Argos, Boots, BHS, Coutts Bank, Marks & Spencer, Mothercare, Nat West, Thomas Cook and Virgin. I’ve also helped to develop multichannel strategies for Argos, BT, Eurotunnel, Knight Frank and Mailsports.

email bryan . call 07711 696996 . follow Bryan on twitter and linkedin


Paul Kitchen – Director

All things business! That’s the stuff that gets me out of bed in the mornings. Right from my early teens, business challenges have fascinated me. Doubling my pocket money by buying and selling things was a good lesson in profit generation, then a job for a couple of years in a musical instrument shop was a great insight in to retail, a stint as a sales rep helped me understand lead generation and negotiation, and then my first business at 21 was just the biggest eye opener of all…

I built and ran a small chain of music shops for a few years, sold them and moved in to a business to business environment; a marketing support and fulfilment agency, which I owned for 13 years. Amongst the many lessons learnt here, working a lot in the automotive and business machinery sectors for corporates, this business taught me the value of a brand and brand guardianship, plus how to roll a brand out respectfully. My last three years have been spent working within a full-service digital marketing agency. Digital marketing, now that really does make you smile.. Love Science!

Strategy and Analysis became a source of great interest for me along the way, a skill-set which plays a big part in my working day; speaking with prospects and clients, understanding business challenges, questioning and probing. My experience has caused me to be a very detailed analyst, and in turn a cunning strategist. In my current role, I would probably be your first point of contact..

email Paul . call 07393 298019 . follow Paul on twitter and linkedin


Amanda Wright – Director

I’m a founding director of Yellow Yoyo, where I oversee everything graphics related.

I’ve 30 years of experience across every sector and in all aspects of graphics, including corporate identity, print, packaging, retail, interactive design, event, exhibition and media.

Since qualifying with a BA Hons in graphic design, my career path has led me to work with some fantastic companies, such as 20|20, Enterprise IG, Fitch, Design House, Conran, Design in Action amongst others.

And I’ve had the opportunity to work with some great clients – in the UK they include Accenture, TIMA, Vanarama, Canon, Currys, Dixons, Ladbrokes, Orange, The Sanctuary, Texaco, Toshiba, Virgin and Wickes. Across Europe, Canon, Philips and Ahold, Foschini Group in South Africa and TIMA all over the world…

My real passion is logotype design, and I’m proud to be trusted by clients and given the opportunity to create lasting, innovative marques for their businesses. Client relationships really matter to me,  I believe wholeheartedly that being ‘part of the team’ makes for project success.

I’m a keen networker too, so you’ll probably meet me out and about in Milton Keynes, London or sometimes further afield.

email Amanda . call 07956 366053 . follow Amanda on twitter and linkedin


Kathryn Middleton – Associate Director

Everyone loves a story.  And every brand has a story to tell.

Simply put, my purpose at Yellow Yoyo is to help organisations tell their stories and so create compelling, relevant brands that their customers adore.

My background is eclectic (to put it politely) or bonkers (if we’re calling a spade a spade). I’ve worked in academic publishing, global metals consulting, multi-channel retail, FMCG and SAAS.  But the one consistent passion I’ve had for over 20 years is customers.

Finding out what customers really need to ‘get the job done’, and then making sure a business does it wholeheartedly is my mission in life. And I know that doing this can be scary.

But here at Yellow Yoyo we help organisations respond to the challenges of today’s economic climate – whether they’re a start-up, established SME or leading global corporate – by providing practical, usable insight into current trends and market environments, along with pragmatic, immediate guidance on how organisations can align to their customer needs.

We then top that all off with branding strategies that makes sense, marketing plans that make money and designs that make you (and your customers) go wow.

And that makes me happy.  Along with sunshine, G&Ts and asking ‘why’ a lot.

email Kathryn . call 07814 000801 . follow Kathryn on linkedin


Shaun Brownsmith – Finance Director

My role in the Yellow Yoyo team is that of outsourced Finance Director.   I’ve over 20 years’ experience of looking after the needs of owner managers and company directors, together with UK subsidiaries and multinational groups, specialising in audit, tax and general compliance and planning issues.  And as a business owner myself, I not only understand the numbers, but also the other challenges client face in running their business. 

I work closely with Bryan and Lisa to ensure that current performance and forecasts are in line with expectations and assist in developing overall financial strategy for the business. 


Lisa Davis – Finance

I have the onerous job of keeping the team’s attention on the numbers when they’d often rather be creating something!

I’m a Chartered Accountant and qualified with KPMG in London working with huge companies such as EDS and Fujitsu. I then moved to Interbrew and worked in a series of roles such as cash control, stock management, stock valuation and process and logistics finance management. I was financial manager for nightclubs and venues as well as national and regional pub companies.

email Lisa


Stella – Reception

My reception manner can be quite enthusiastic, admittedly, but I’m working on it.  I’m also happy to be in charge of recycling and document security and spend many an hour engrossed in ‘paperwork’.  It’s a tough job…

The directors did give me a phone but I ate it, so best to come and see me in person really…