The key to successful brand development is first to have clarity as to where you want that development to take you. This might be for the next phase of growth or a re-launch, a merger, start up or exit plan. Whatever it’s for, any brand development needs to have the goal firmly set in order to focus the strategy, creative work, delivery, customer inspiration and internal belief appropriately. Without that focus any development will be aimless and most likely a waste of money and time.

We dedicate our time to establishing consensus on our client’s desired end result, before creating and delivering the means for its delivery.


Using a combination of analysis, audit, mapping, workshops and strategic thinking, we help you clarify key issues and insights leading to confirmation of the creative brief.

Understanding the opportunity, scope of work and ambitions
Agreeing the goals, process, teams and timeline
Understanding the issues, insights and current status
Clarity on the brand why, what and how
Setting the plan, KPI’s and describing the way to achieving the dream

D I S C O V E R  –  
Understanding your objectives

•   Understanding the issues
•   Challenging findings
•   Agree goals and opportunities
•   Set KPI’s
•   Set senior team
•   Create brand room

D I S S E C T  –  
Examining your dilemma

Research / Analysis
•   IMPACT Audit
Future insight
TM/Registration search
Audience analysis
Audience mapping
Audience insights
Brand mapping
Brand journey mapping
Needs analysis
Customer avatars
Secret shopping
Customer journeys
Horizon scanning
Trend interpretation
Website analysis

D E F I N E  –  
Assembling your key assets

    Asset Clarity
•   Gap analysis
•   Opportunity clarification
•   Enable key decisions

    Brand Clarity
•   Brand values
•   Brand personality
•   Brand statement
•   Brand essence
•   Customer proposition
•   Strapline

•   Brand strategy
Multichannel strategy
Marketing Strategy
Brand story /internal & external
Staff brand education
Brand development plan
Brand reach / saliency
Brand hierarchy
Brand architecture
Brand language
Brand tone of voice
Key customer avatars
KPI setting

•   Name sourcing / creation
•   Brand marketplace
•   Competition
•   Brand mapping
•   Brainstorming
•   Digital research
•   Corporate research
•   Registration
•   Trade marking


Having confirmed and agreed the creative brief we will work with you to conceive all assets required to bring the brand to life.

Bringing the strategy to life
Consistent execution across all required delivery platforms
Targeted positioning that inspires and excites customers
Helping make sure that brand delivery matches customer expectation
Helping to ensure that internal culture fully supports the brand delivery

D E S I G N   ( C O M M U N I C A T I O N )  –  Conceiving your direction

•   Brand logo design
Brand hierarchy design
Brand collateral design
Image search
Art direction

•  Website architecture
•  Website functional specification
•  Website design
•  Website asset design
•  Website build liaison
•  Website build management

D E S I G N   ( I N T E R I O R S )  –  Conceiving your direction

Retail Interiors
•  Site analysis
•  Site planning
•  Customer journey planning
•  Adjacency planning
•  Stock planning
•  Wayfinding signage
•  Brand signage
•  3D design & finishes
•  Brand application
•  Site management

Corporate Interiors
•  Site analysis
•  Office planning / adjacencies
•  Showroom design
•  Staff journeys
•  Event & exhibition design
•  3D design & finishes
•  Brand application
•  Site management


We will assist you in the implementation and launch of the new creative assets and then can monitor and measure performance ongoing to help ensure long-term success both internally and externally.

Brand guardianship ensuring consistently excellent performance
Making sure what was planned is being delivered
Analysis and research across the delivery channels
Collating opinion and feedback and managing required development
Monitoring and reporting on the agreed KPI’s
Sustaining the desired creative and performance standards

D E L I V E R  –  Managing your implementation

Project Management
•  Cost planning
•  Cost analysis
•  Scheduling / programming
•  Client liaison
•  Contractor liaison
•  Supplier liaison

Launch / Roll Out
•  Launch planning
•  Launch execution
•  Brand guidelines
•  Print management
•  Roll-out management
•  Prototyping
•  Agency briefing
•  Training & education
•  Liaison with
        PR / Marketing
        Content providers
        Social media

D I R E C T  – Helping ensure your success

Management / Analysis
•  6 month handover
•  KPI management / checks
•  Application analysis / research
•  Marketing calendar
•  Secret shopping
•  Secret customer
•  Systems analysis
•  Customer forums
•  Social listening
•  Feedback and integration
•  Brand guardianship
•  Futures monitoring