Our workshops

Though they follow a tried and tested process, our workshops are bespoke to our clients. Their outcomes are often transformational.

“Yellow Yoyo facilitated the best brand clarity process that I have ever been involved with. Their skills really showed in their ability to bring a very disparate group onto the same page and then the way they managed a large group through the visual creative stage.

What counts is the results; in my view the outputs were excellent.”   Robert Breakwell, CEO | Chiltern MS Centre

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Asset Clarity

Be confident that you have the right assets across all of your business.
This business gap analysis workshop will highlight both what’s successful and what needs attention, giving you a clear prioritised plan of action.

Brand Clarity

Be completely clear in your business as to who you are, what you do and how to present yourself.
This challenging and energetic workshop provides clarity on all aspects of your brand and inspires all future development work.


Changing the way you sell what you sell.
Through this well-honed workshop process we group your products and services to match how people want to buy what you sell.


Matching your business to how the future will change your customers.
Understand how the 4th Industrial Revolution will most likely change your customer’s expectations and what you can do to best maximise the opportunities.

Consumer Gap Analysis

Ensuring your customers buy everything you sell.
This workshop highlights the new business opportunities within your existing customer base.